Name: Sansevieria
Common Name: Sansevieria
Botanical Name: Mother-in law Tongue
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One of the hardiest of all indoor plants, this succulent member of the lily family needs little attention. Originally from the arid zone it thrives on good light, normal room temperatures and fairly dry conditions with good drainage. The foliage forms rosettes of firm green leaves with yellow margins of varying lengths. This slow growing plant has elegant upright leaves of 1m/3ft in length Wipe the leaves occasionally and this plant will be long lasting.


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Product Information:

Type: Indoor Plant, Ground Cover
Exposure: Full Sun to shade
Conditions: All conditions
Flowering time: Not Showy
Fragrant: No
Habit: Slow Growing
Foliage: Rosettes of firm green leaves.
Drought Tolerance: High
Salt Tolerance: Good
Light: Tolerant of most conditions, prefer bright light, even direct sunlight to encourage growth. 
Indoor Temperature: Warm temp., all year, but in winter will withstand as low as 6°C
Sensitive to: Overwatering
Max Height: 0 to .5 ft
Watering: Water carefully and allow the soil to dry out between watering. Never let water accumulate on the rosette. 

Repotting: The plant likes to be pot bound, so repot only as necessary ensuring good drainage.
Problems: Most problems will be caused by caused by watering. Brown patches on the leaves, or at the base of the leaves, are caused by overwatering. Allow to dry out and reduce amount of water. 
Leaves that are damaged on the edges may be caused by unstable potting. Check that the plant is firmly positioned.

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