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Bambusa Vulgaris
Yellow Bamboo is one of the most used bamboos in the Landscaping world. Bamboo grows freely in th..
Buddha Belly Bamboo
Buddha Belly Bamboo also called Bambusa Ventricosa is a clumping Bamboo most notable for its uniq..
Chrismas Tree
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Chinese Juniper
Juniperus Chinensis grows into a narrow cone shape when young, and then opens up as the plant age..
This pyramidal tree reaches upto 60 mtr in height in its native home at Norfolk Island, east of A..
Fruit Plants
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The Pomelo is a citrus fruit native to south East Asia. It is usually pale green to yellow when r..
Date Palm
Date palm often reaches a size too massive for most residential landscapes but, fortunately, it i..
Sopadilla, Chikoo Plant
A superb shade, street (where falling fruit will not be a problem), or fruit tree, reaches a heig..
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House & Medicinal Plants
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Kalpavriksha, Baobab Tree
Baobab or Adansonia Digitata has its origin in the African savannahs and believed to have been br..
Large, fleshy, upright stalks topped with soft, Smooth, arching leaves signifies the Banana plant..
Banyan Tree
Banyan is a common home and houseplant, but in the wild it's a giant tree of Indian jungles. Bany..
Neem is a tropical evergreen tree native to the Indian sub-continent. This tree has a history of ..
Indoor Plants
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Chinese Juniper
Juniperus Chinensis grows into a narrow cone shape when young, and then opens up as the plant age..
Schefflera is most popular as a houseplant, especially due to its hardiness to poor growing condi..
Pony Tail Palm
Nolina, a member of the Agavaceae family, is a slow-growing plant that doesn’t require constant..
Spineless Yucca
Yucca is one of the most exotic member of the lily family which grows to a height of 45 ft if pla..
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Washingtonia Filifera Palm
Washingtonia Filifera which means “thread-bearing” in Latin. This genus name honors George Wa..
Raphis Palm, Lady Palm
One of the most popular palms of India, Raphis palm has delicate heads of fan-shaped leaves. Raph..
Areca Palm
Areca Palm is a slow growing member of the palm family that has graceful yellowish green feather ..
Sago Palm,Cycas Palm
This exotic palm is extremely slow growing with stout and pineapple shape stem which projects fea..
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Alstonia Scholaris
Alstonia Scholaris is a glabrous evergreen tropical tree native to Indian subcontinent. The tree ..
Ramdhan Champa
Bird's eye bush ? golden champak ramdhan champa ? kanak champa ? khambar A shrub or small tree wi..
Bauhinia Blakeana is an evergreen tree, in the genus Bauhinia, with large thick leaves and striki..
Jackfruit ?jack ?jac kathal ?kantthal A handsome evergreen tree with glossy leaves up to 20 m tal..