Estimation /Consultation

Landscape Estimate

If the work you are looking to have done is relatively basic then a landscape estimate is all you need. One of our professional landscape estimators will be sent out to your site to walk the property and write up an accurate quotation.


Landscape Consultation (Rs. 1000/- fee)

One of our professional landscape designers will meet with you at your site. There is a Rs. 1000/- fee for one time consultation in our normal service area i.e Delhi NCR. If you are outside of our normal service area there will be an Rs. 10,000/- fee for our consultation. The consultation fee be adjusted in the work contract. A specific time will be scheduled. We will do our best to be punctual. We pride ourselves on being on time. During the initial consultation the designer will provide you with conceptual ideas for a landscape project. They will also be able to provide you with approximate pricing. If you require any sort of design then a design contract will provided at the time of the initial consultation. Fees for the design work will depend on the scope and complexity of the project. We only need blue prints/ Architect soft copy to work for our Landscape designing.