Harsingar Harsingar Harsingar Harsingar
Name: Harsingar
Common Name: Harsingar
Botanical Name: Nyctantches arbor-tristis
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Night-blooming jasmine ? tree of sorrow/sadness ? coral jasmine harshingar ? har siharu ? saherwa ? seoli ? kuri A large, untidy bush or small tree with drooping 4-angled branchlets (much like teak) and harshly scabrous leaves (also like teak, but much smaller). Cultivated in Delhi for its fragrant night-blooming flowers which carpet the ground each morning in the rains. Native to dry and moist deciduous forests throughout India.


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Product Information:

Bush: or small tree; deciduous
Bark: pale or dark grey, sometimes greenish, rough, somewhat wrinkled 
Leaves: in opposite pairs; dark green, very rough on upper surface, paler and hairy below; margins often with large, distant teeth; apex pointy
Flowers: with 5-8 white (slightly unequal) petals at the end of a brilliant orange tube about one cm long in clusters, usually 3-5 together; highly grangrant
Fruit: a flattish, round capsule just over one cm wide bright green at first, turning brown
FLOWERS: bloom at dusk and fall by early morning. There are only 2 anthers, with virtually no filaments, at the top of the orange tube. 

SEASONS-LEAVES: shed in February or march (depending on winter rains), renewed in June-July. FLOWERS in August peaking in September-October, Fruit ripen in April-May. 
Where to see it: A fairly common tree in small gardens and parks. Buddha Jayanti Park has a dense grove. A short row in planted in front of Hindu College.

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