Areca Palm

Areca Palm
Areca Palm Areca Palm Areca Palm
Name: Areca Palm
Common Name: Areca Palm
Botanical Name: Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens
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Areca Palm is a slow growing member of the palm family that has graceful yellowish green feather like leaves and number of slender greenish stems which makes them one of the easy to care indoor plants. Areca Palm needs bright light but indirect sun light and warmish, humid conditions. It can with stand cool temperatures, but this will hinder growth. Avoid dry air and mist frequently. As a household plant, in right conditions, it can grow up to 20cms/8inch a year, reaching up to 30 ft. as a mature plant. It should last for many years.

Areca Palm also act as a spectacular tropical privacy screen. One can leave the palm 's foilage dense to the ground, or clip it out to see more of the fronds. Either way, this palm makes a great add-on to most landscaping as long as it's aptly grounded for its ultimate size and shape.

Areca Palm can also be used as a Large corner accent palm, in a pool cage planter, to cover a blank wall, fence, side of house or garage.

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Type: Indoor Plant/ Exotic Palm/ Indoor Palm
Exposure: Sun to partial shade
Conditions: Semi hard
Flowering Time: No Flower
Fragrant: No
Habit: Slow Growing
Foliage: Dense 
Drought Tolerance: Medium
Salt Tolerance: Medium
Light: Moderate to Bright, but no direct sunlight
Temperature: 10 - 45 °C 
Sensitive to: Over watering & Dry air
Watering: Water thoroughly but do not allow the compost to become saturated or too dry out.
Repotting: Repot in spring, only as needed.
Problems: If the air is too dry the leaves will turn deep yellow or develop brown spots. Improve moisture and humidity. Clip damaged leaves. 
Maximum Height: 30 ft.


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