Kalpavriksha, Baobab Tree

Kalpavriksha, Baobab Tree
Kalpavriksha, Baobab Tree Kalpavriksha, Baobab Tree
Name: Kalpavriksha, Baobab Tree
Common Name: Kalpavriksha, Baobab Tree
Botanical Name: Adansonia Digitata
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Baobab or Adansonia Digitata has its origin in the African savannahs and believed to have been brought to India by Arab slaves and soldiers, hundreds of years ago. Called ‘tree of life’ as it has capacity to provide food, shelter and water stored in large quantities in its broad trunk. Leafless for better part of the year, the tree looks ‘upside-down’, as if its roots are thrown up in the air. Baobab, the chemist tree is a tree whose average life is more than 2000-2500 years and is one of the trees which are traditionally used for health promoting effects. Kalpavriksha tree leaves have several magically medicinal properties and can be of great help in various deficiencies of Calcium and Vitamin. It is said that few Baobab leaves everyday can help in supplementing our daily nutritional needs. These leaves also contain antioxidants, which have anti-aging properties. This means they help in staying younger and healthier for a long, happy life. It is said that they are good for constipation and acidity. The leaves are also Anti-Allergic, Anti-Asthmatic, Anti-Malaria (slows down the growth), cures gastric, kidney and joint diseases and also help in treating insect bites. Even World Health Organization (WHO) has found specified quantities of 6 of the 8 essential amino acids required in our body. How to use Kalpavriksha Leaves in your food? You can use few Kalpavriksha Leaves easily in your daily diet. Fresh leaves can be cooked with Saag (80% spinach + 20% Kalpavriksha Leaves).The Kalpavriksha leaves can also be used in salad or as a garnishing just like coriander. The leaves can simply be stuffed in parathas and commonly 5-10 Kalpavriksha leaves can be eaten raw for healthy benefits.

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Product Information:   

Type : Deciduous Outdoor Plant, Medicinal Plant
Exposure: Full Sun
Conditions: Hard
Flowering Time: Late springs or early summers
Fragrant: Yes
Habit: Slow Growing
Foliage: Dense
Drought Tolerance: High
Salt tolerance: High
Light: Full Sunlight required
Temperature: 10-50°C
Sensitive to: Frost
Watering: Adequate
Repotting: Initially in small age, plant can be kept in large pot as it grows rapidly but it is requested to ground it.
Problems: Kalpavriksha cannot even tolerate mild frost so it recommended keeping the plant in hot & dry place.
Max.Height: 25 m


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