Donate A Tree

Donate A Tree
Donate A Tree
Name: Donate A Tree
Common Name: Donate A Tree
Botanical Name: Donate A Tree
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Donate a Tree is a cause for conservation through the plantation. If you want to reduce your Carbon foot Prints or want to fight the Global warming or just want to give back to the society simply, We can help you in achieving the same through a click of your mouse.

We understand that you must be busy in your daily life chores and do not get time to give back to the society but you still want to do it desperately. 


When you Donate a Tree, we choose an Area or Place like Temples which has no or few Trees and will Plant your donated Tree. In this way, you have reduced your carbon footprints by serving the Mother Earth and the area also get beautified and a bypasser will get some shade or fruit to eat. This is called Total Karma.


So if you want to plant a tree in the memory of someone or a reason best known to you which you feel will provide Peace to your soul then go ahead and Donate a Tree Today!


We will also send a Certificate of Tree Plantation for your good deeds for your memories with a digital photo as a proof of Tree Planted with your Name Placard.


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If you are an individual, a Group, Corporate or a small organisation we can organise mass plantation, workshops and seminars with our Experience and Knowledge with the right selection of Trees suitable for the particular area or Belt. Call Toll-free 1800 2000 817 for details or write to us at 



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