Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa
Monstera Deliciosa Monstera Deliciosa
Name: Monstera Deliciosa
Common Name: Swiss Cheese Plant
Botanical Name: Monstera Deliciosa
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This attractive old favourite has beautiful glossy dark green perforated leaves which can grow as large as 2ft. across. A mature plant produces a hard green edible fruit that smells like a pineapple. In tropical conditions it grows as a tree climber in tropical conditions. It does well as a houseplant in most warm and humid conditions, except direct sunlight. Indoors it can grow upto 8 ft. It requires plenty of room and will need a stake for support as it grows. Wash the leaves occasionally with a damp sponge and mist often. Monstera produces many aerial roots which are used to anchor the plant. These should be wound around the plant and placed on top of the pot and pegged. This plant should live indefinitely.


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Product Information:

Type: Indoor Plant, Creeper
Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Conditions: Semi-Shady Conditions.
Flowering time: Anytime
Fragrant: Mild
Habit: Fast Growing
Foliage: Dense
Drought Tolerance: Moderate
Salt Tolerance: Poor
Light: Bright to semi shade
Temperature: 18-22°C
Sensitive to: Direct Sun & Overwatering
Watering: Keep slightly moist, but never soggy, all year round and mist often – it needs a lot of humidity. Never allow the compost to dry out between watering.
Repotting: As necessary, probably after every 2 years, into a slightly larger pot. Use a mixture of soil and sand and ensure adequate drainage. 
Problems: Overwatering is the major cause of problems for this plant and manifest itself in root rot, yellow leaves or leaves weeping at the edges. Allow the plant to dry out and then take care not to water so often.
Stem rot indicate by slimy patches on the stem, is also caused by overwatering and should be treated by repotting the plant in dry and warm compost. 
If the leaves turn brown and develop papery edges or black patches, the surrounding is too dry or cold. Mist the leaves and surround the pot with damp soil.

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