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  • Bhringraj Plant - भृंगराज का पोधा
  • Bhringraj Plant - भृंगराज का पोधा
  • Bhringraj Plant - भृंगराज का पोधा

Bhringraj Plant - भृंगराज का पोधा

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Benifits of Bhringraj Plant

The Bhringraj Plant, also known as Eclipta prostrata or false daisy, is a remarkable herbaceous plant found in the Himalayas. This annual wildflower features delicate white or light blue-green petals and emits a fragrant aroma from its Bauera stems or Aconitum foliage. For centuries, this plant has held significance in Indian culture, both as a source of incense and as a traditional remedy in folk medicine.

Renowned for its mystical healing properties, the Bhringraj Plant has long been revered in India for its purported ability to ward off evil and aid in various healing processes.

This indigenous medicinal plant is celebrated for its diverse therapeutic applications, ranging from treating common ailments to manufacturing medicines and nutritional supplements.

The Bhringraj Plant is especially renowned for its hair care benefits. Its medicinal qualities are believed to promote hair growth, improve texture, boost volume, and enhance curl patterns.

Meet the Bhringraj Plant—a transformative hair care solution poised to redefine traditional approaches to hair treatment. This plant, reputed for its efficacy in addressing hair concerns such as dandruff, dullness, and thinning, originates from India and offers users a natural, holistic approach to hair care.

Eclipta prostrata, also known as false daisy or bhringraj, belongs to the sunflower family and is found across various regions worldwide. In Assamese, it's called kehraj, while in Tamil, it's referred to as karisalaankanni, and in Malayalam, it's known as kayyunni. In Marathi and Kannada, it's recognized by names like Garugada soppu, keshavardhini, and Bhringaraja.

Explore the wonders of the Bhringraj Plant—a botanical treasure revered for its healing prowess and embraced for its transformative impact on hair care rituals.



Botanical name: Eclipta prostrata

Hindi: Bhringraj (भृंगराज), Kannada: Bhringaraja (ಭೃಂಗರಾಜ), Tamil: Karisalankanni (கரிசலாங்கன்னி), Telugu: Galagara (గలగర), Marathi: Maka (माका), Malayalam: Kayyunni (കയ്യുണ്ണി), Bengali: Bhangra (ভাঁগরা), Gujarati: Bhangro (ભાંગરો), Punjabi: Bhringraj (ਭ੃ੰਗਰਾਜ), Oriya: Bhringaraja (ଭୃଙ୍ଗରାଜ), Assamese: Bhungra (ভূঞ্জা), Urdu: Bhangra (بھنگرا)


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