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Couroupita Guianensis

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Introducing the Couroupita Guianensis, fondly known as the Cannonball Tree! With its captivating beauty and unique attributes, this tree will elevate the ambiance of any space. Its large, vibrant flowers boast striking colors and resemble mesmerizing mini firework explosions. The fragrance they emit is enticing, delicately perfuming the air around you. Native to tropical regions, the Cannonball Tree offers a luscious canopy of deep green foliage that provides shade and serenity. Its sturdy branches and smooth bark exude natural elegance, turning heads in admiration. This majestic tree effortlessly becomes the center of attention, inviting you to embrace the enchanting tranquility of nature. Whether enhancing your garden, courtyard, or park, the Couroupita Guianensis promises an unforgettable sensory experience. Surrender to the beauty of the Cannonball Tree, a true masterpiece of nature that awakens all senses.

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