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Jacaranda Mimosifolia

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Introducing the Lagerstroemia Thorelli, the epitome of nature's beauty! This stunning perennial shrub boasts an abundance of gorgeous blooms that will capture your heart. The Lagerstroemia Thorelli flaunts clusters of breathtaking deep pink flowers, injecting a vibrant burst of color into any garden or landscape. With its compact size and graceful arching branches, it's a perfect choice for small gardens, patios, and even containers. This deciduous wonder doesn't stop there - its attractive, smooth bark and glossy green foliage create a visual masterpiece all year round. Whether you choose to showcase it as a focal point or use it to add a pop of color to borders, the Lagerstroemia Thorelli never fails to impress. Bring elegance and charm to your outdoor space with this remarkable flowering shrub.

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